Product Search

Product Search, 5 ways to look for your products

Regardless of the part search type used, CORtracker provides a summary of quantities on hand (Q.O.H.) and available to sell (Q.A.S.) for Stock, Consignment, Availability (supplier offers) and the documents created using those part numbers.


Open Part Search

  • If you don’t remember the beginning, middle, end or length of part number, combining single or multiple wildcard symbols * with the part number allows for refined search criteria and results.   This allows you to find that valuable part quickly and accurately!


Inclusive Part Search

  • Don’t recall the exact combination of special characters in a part number?  This option returns all variations of an entered part number. For example: 'ABC-123' will return 'ABC123', 'A-BC-12-3', etc.


Multi Part Search

  • You just received a customer requirement with a list of part numbers.  Copy those into the Multi Search Field to search them all with one click. 


Advanced Part Search

  • CORtracker stores 5 different part number types, which means you can store Alternate, Supplier, Manufacturer, Military, or Serial Number.  Two of which can be custom named to suite your business needs.  The Advanced Option Searches across all 5 of these part number types in one click.  You never have to miss another opportunity again!


Part Searches from Documents

  • Part searches can also be performed from system documents.  Typing in the first few characters of the MFG part number triggers immediate database driven results.

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CORtracker is a scaleable solution for anyone, from a two-person operation up to a large corporation. They made the transition to CORtracker seamless for us.

- Greg Tashjian, Inventory Management Partners