Utilities Features

Utilities give you features to manage your Users, Inventory and Data Entry.

All users have access to set up their Homepage and signatures for emails, but the Data Entry, Inventory and System Administration sections will only be accessible to users that have been set up with the correct permissions.

User Utilities

  • Homepage Setup
  • Email Settings

Data Entry Utilities

  • Data Load (Inventory Entry)
  • Quick Load Option, which just dumps all information for spreadsheet with no data comparison.
  • Smart Load Option, which compares against existing data and will upload new lines if no matching criteria is found. If matching is found, a message window tell you that no lineshave been created, and give you a link to a .csv file to print and view to avoid a duplicate being uploaded.
  • Stock Over Ride Option, checks the existing Bin Location and Extension before uploading to avoid adding new stock if there is a conflict of existing stock using the same Bin information. Again, a .csv file can be printed to physically verify your warehouse invenotry and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Much more flexible matching options when loading a supplier's excess list.
  • Ability to load new list to an exisitng Lot.
  • BOM Load (Bill of Materials)
  • Load a spreadsheet from a OEM looking to buy parts that will compare with your existing data, highlight any matching invenmtory, and make a CRFQ, Quote or Sales Order right from that file.

Inventory Utilities

  • Export
  • Lot Management


System Administration for your company's Site, Accounts, Inventory, Documents and Shipping information can be managed by in-house with no downtime.

Site Admin
Company(s) configuration – configure multiple companies, footers, logos assign users to each, specify exchange rate and default currencies, sell and buy as unique companies, (This is not multi-warehousing, all companies search and source from the same part number data base)
User Setup, role and group assignment

Account Admin – contents appear in system drop downs.

  • Group types
  • Business types
  • Contact types
  • Incoterms
  • Terms
  • Account statuses – customize statuses, select Manager Approval rules and colors that can be assigned to accounts for better organization and control.
  • Account rating – set customer rating based revenue ranges on an annual or quarterly basis
  • Account (Customer, Supplier, Manufacturing)

Inventory Admin – contents appear in system drop downs.

Master Products – specify product types such as IC, Memory etc.

  • Date Codes
  • Conditions
  • Packaging
  • Lead time
  • Optional Part number types – specify an additional two unique part number attributes such as serial number or step code.

Document Admin

  • Required Fields – specify fields and field contents to be required on sales and purchasing documents.
  • Misc. Charges/Deductions
  • Sales Order – enforce Scheduled Ship Dates (S.S.D) on Line, source or both
  • Invoice – allow invoice creation before shipping
  • Misc. Charges – specify drop down contents
  • Purchase Orders - enforce
  • Due To My Dock Date (D.T.M.D.D)
  • Due To Customer Dock Date (D.T.C.D.D)
  • Freight on Board (F.O.B)
  • Pick Tickets – enable automatic completion of pick tickets

Shipping Admin – contents appear in system drop downs.

  • Shipping Methods
  • Specify  shipping company
  • Url to tracking page
  • Specify as a buying or selling shipping address
With CORtracker we make less trips to the warehouse, reporting adds convenience, consignment makes it easy, very user friendly. Each side of the house has different aspects that are more efficient now.

- John Cottenmyre, Evergreen Material Partners